Mobile Home Page Redesign
Sketch / PS / InvisionApp

After my initial interviews, the good folks at Chaban pit me against another candidate in a winner-take-all design-challenge-to-the-death! I was given two days to redesign their mobile home page and present it to them, with very little to go on other than the existing website and some details about their demographic I had gleaned from our in-person interview.

With no style guide and no apparent “look and feel” coming from the site, I decided to produce an identity for the company so my redesign would be interesting and have personality. With only two days to complete it I (kind of) skipped over the wireframing part and got most of my ideas down fully fleshed out.

I went through the site and pulled out content to bring to the home page starting with testimonials since they had quite a few and they are a good testament of the product from real people. Next I grouped the rest of the content into two sections "Get in Shape" and "Get Involved" which I felt represented the motivations for people to interface with the brand.


This is the PDF I emailed to them and had on screen as I described my process and decisions. It turns out that they did have somewhat of a style guide and weren't open to drastically changing the look, but a lot of the concepts I put forth here did make it to the site in some form eventually.

I started with an exploration of what was currently live at using a bunch of screen shots of things I felt were noteworthy either good or bad.

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