Gather as much data about everything as possible. Make connections. Form ideas about what it all means.


Use the discovered information and ideas to create a vision of how to best meet the needs we’ve targeted.


Mold everything into something real, step by step. Build in usage monitoring and gather more data. Go back to discover.

Ecommerce Site
Responsive Front-End Redesign
Sketch / PS / Axure / HTML-CSS-JS

I managed this ground-up custom redesign project starting with user research by means of analytics, session recordings, and third-party ratings/survey systems on the existing site, as well as informal customer and staff interviews.

Based on findings made from that data, I redesigned the site framework (four level responsive) and key conversion processes, and directed the graphic redesign of the property’s look and feel.

After overseeing the initial front-end build, I managed and participated heavily in the development of the back-end, as well as making several front-end additions to the initial build.

Upon launch, the site exhibited improvements in all targeted metrics, as well as overwhelmingly positive customer feedback.

The success was unfortunately short lived as the company was involved in a lawsuit that forced it to shut down shortly after the launch of the new site.

iPad/AppleWatch App Concept
Sketch / PS / Principle / AE

Home Page Redesign
Sketch / PS

The Logix Federal Credit Union web site offers a lot of information and access to member's accounts. These concept mock-us demonstrate some ways in which to cram a bunch of menu options, while highlighting four commonly used functions (finding an ATM, accessing account information, paying bills, and contacting a support rep) and making them usable on the homepage itself, across a variety of devices.

A smartwatch size UI contains only the four predominant functions with a swipe-down menu into any other functionality. Finding an ATM on the go is a common use for any of the mobile UIs and using the the device's location and position awareness, the web site can generate a list of nearby ATMs and include the distance and direction to them.

Selecting a location from the list, users can pull the address up in their preferred mapping application.


On a tablet, members can access their account(s) quickly from the home page by selecting the "Accounts" button, which, instead of loading a new page with a list of their accounts, activates a panel which slides left over the hero image, pushing the navigation buttons over to the left side of the UI.

This panel scrolls horizontally to reveal tiles for each account with basic information displayed for each. Selecting a tile expands it to reveal more detailed information and buttons for common specific account interactions.


Paying bills on the laptop UI can be done painlessly from the home page. Selecting the tab from the main navigation activates a panel which slides down over the hero image and contains tiles for all the bills which the user has set up to pay.

The due amount and date is displayed and the amount is pre-populated so the member can just press "pay" and confirm. There is also the ability to add a new bill into the system.


On a large touch panel, members can get live technical support where they can video chat and share screens with a Logix representative. This allows the support staff to visually guide the member in their use of the site.



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